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FGUK Chairman’s Blog: WGA World Guppy Contest 2016 Vienna

•Back in October 2016 I created a presentation about the WGA 19th World Guppy Contest I attended in Vienna 2016. I put this together for a talk at the FGUK Convention in Kettering October 2016 while still fresh in my mind.

•It is mainly a pictorial depiction of the event from my viewpoint, although there are some photographs from Jorn Strahl, Ralf Loch and others. If you recognise anyone who is unlabeled, or if you see any mistake in the labelling, please let me know? There are no speakers notes!•I have tried to demonstrate that these events are very exciting and great fun as well as an educational experience. More importantly - you make many new friends for life from all over the world! My whole family love these events!

•From my perspective, it is not just about attending the show - it is a great opportunity for a vacation and to see another part of the world. I have to travel in my job, and many a time I have had to visit far-flung places but only ever get to see an airport, an office and a hotel. So when I visit a Guppy World Championship I make sure I also visit the area as a tourist, and that I go to see a local fish room (in this case Michel Milde's which was very impressive) - you are NEVER too old to learn!

•If you have never attended a show - I strongly recommend that you do. Start off with your local show - may not be many guppies but you will really enjoy meeting other "fish" people!

•In the UK we have the FGUK Guppy League where you can get to see guppies at various shows around the country during the showing season (usually April to October but we always kick off early - this year in February at Kettering).

•The big Guppy show in the UK is the FGUK Convention - in 2017 it will be in Kettering in October.

•There are various other shows throughout Europe which are great fun and a chance to meet other guppy people. The 2017 World Guppy Championships are in Taiwan in July - see the list of all 2017 shows here on the FGUK Website or on our Facebook Page.

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