Age Categories

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5-7 years:

Aqua-30 Aquarium 24L with canopy, light & filter

8-10 years:

Aquatic Art Discover line Tank 30L with Tetra easy-crystal filter & 8 watt T5 bulb

10% voucher for The Goldfish Bowl

11+ years:

Fluval Flex 57L with flexpad remote control to adjust colour and sky effects

Starter pack: Thermometer, Net, Fluval Aquascape Plant, Glass Cleaner, Marina Hover for Gravel, API 5 in 1 Test Strips, API Ammonia Test Kit, Resource Pack, Moss Stone, and AquaCare kit; Biological Supplement, Water Conditioner &Tropical Fish Flakes

Big thank you to our supporting Sponsors who kindly donated the prizes for the competition 

Maidenhead Aquatics, Bourne End

The Goldfish Bowl, Oxford

Maidenhead Aquatics, Windsor