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FANCY GUPPIES UK the club for all Guppy Hobbyists

Fancy Guppies UK exists to support the keeping, breeding and showing of guppies.  We welcome anyone interested in guppies, from complete novices to those dedicated to show competition.  We have a Facebook Page for the quick exchange of information.  Greater detail is housed on this Website, including the story of the club, and much useful information for guppy keepers.  We encourage breeding and showing of guppies to standards and there is an annual Guppy League held at venues spread around the country.  These shows are to I.K.G.H. standards and we also encourage the showing of guppies in Europe and even further afield.  Likewise we host enthusiasts from all over the world at our main get-together and show, the Convention (usually in October and usually in Kettering).  We sometimes host shows for non-standard fish such as Endlers etc.  So no matter what your level of interest - why not join? 

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